I’m so glad you landed on this page. Welcome. As a Holistic Sexuality Coach and Pleasure Advocate with over twenty years of experience in the healing arts, it is my absolute honor and pleasure to be of service to women in this work. If you’re feeling frustrated or stuck or just ready for more, let’s explore the possibilities of working together.

Do you sometimes feel frustrated by your inability to let go and truly enjoy sex?

Do you shut down when strong masculine energy or attention is put on you?

Do you feel overly critical of your body or just get stuck in your head?

Do you feel shame around your desire or somehow just stuck around sex?

Do you have a hard time knowing what you want or like sexually (and in life)?

Or maybe you just sense there’s MORE and you haven’t quite known how to get there?

I know these are some big questions….

And what I want to say is wherever you are at on your journey with sexuality, that it is sacred, beautiful, and your birthright to want more and to feel and experience safety, joy, delight, pleasure, and all that you deeply yearn for.

In my 1:1 coaching intensive, we will do a deep-dive into the specific areas you are most desiring to focus on.  Sessions include my laser-focused approach to helping you uncover hidden beliefs, feelings, or even desires that might be at odds with one another, while connecting you to feelings and desires that will support and empower you. I’ll give you experiential exercises between sessions so you can integrate the coaching and make the transformation very real in your body.

Additionally, you’ll have messaging support between sessions in case you have questions or want some focused 5 minute coaching.

I’ll be your sacred support and coach on this transformational journey so that you can experience more of what you want. I know from first hand experience how possible it is to live a pleasure-based self-affirming sexually empowered life. Your journey will be tailored to your unique blueprint of desire which we will uncover and I will support you to empower in the choices you make inside and out.

I have limited slots available for my coaching intensives, please book your complimentary ecstatic body love and total sexual confidence consult on the main page using the form provided.  I so look forward to speaking with you and honor your journey.

xoxo Kamala